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The TAVANYAB NGO’s clients consist of children with physical and motor disabilities from birth to age of 16.

All services offered to these children are 100% free and include occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, neurofeedback and biofeedback, counseling and social assistance.


Speech Therapy

The TAVANYAB NGO has employed professional speech therapists to improve the speech status and speech disorders in children. Children with a variety of speech disorders including stuttering, production disorders (speech sounds), audio disorders, speech and language development delays, speech disorders caused by cerebral palsy, hearing loss, stroke Brain cells and… refer to this Tavanyab association


Neurofeedback and biofeedback

These devices consist of an amplifier (central processor), sophisticated computer software, and a number of electrodes to place on the head (in neurofeedback) and a number of sensors (in biofeedback) to locate parts of the body to receive brain-wave feedback from the head. And their correction is based on conditionality.
Many research have shown that the disruption of the normal pattern of brain waves indicates disorders such as hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, sleep disturbance, restlessness, mood disorder, and so on.
These disorders alone can dramatically decrease one’s performance, especially in learning processes.
The device has a tremendous impact on the child’s level of attention, concentration, mood, and relaxation, fulfilling parents and educators satisfaction as well as accelerating the healing process.
TAVANYAB NGO purchased a two-channel neurofeedback device from a reputable dealer with the sponsorship of the Australian Embassy in February 2018 and then held a workshop for the rehabilitation team with the goal of building in-depth knowledge of the neurofeedback field and its clinical applications.



In order to help clients and families of children and adolescents, the NGO’s counseling unit tries to provide counseling and guidance to improve the lives of these people.
Depending on the problem of the child and his or her family’s circumstances, the community counselors provide both individual and group counseling services.


Social Work

  1. Individual assistance
The Social Assistance Unit at the individual level offers a variety of services including:
Initial socio-economic evaluation of the family
Visit the children’s family home
Individual counseling for the child’s parents
Evaluation and providing of the needs of the children and their family


  1. Teamwork
Holding educational workshops with a variety of topics for the family of children with disabilities, especially mothers of children, is the main activity of the Community Assistance Unit at group level.
Among the training sessions, there can be discussion about a variety of topics including child play, how to deal with child empowerment, the development of creativity in children, and so on.