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Some of SPASDI’s activities are as follows:

  • Holding regular symposiums, workshops and training sessions on social disorders.
  • Managing a telephone counseling service (Hot line: 66901010).
  • Consulting high risk populations to prevent addiction and HIV/AIDS.
  • Researching in social disorders in order to be timely recognized and managed.
  • Raising social awareness and disseminating information on social norms through national media.
  • Enhancing co-operation and coordination of grass-root, government and international organizations in order to restrain social disorders.
  • Establishing rehabilitation centers, skills training women who are the primary sources of income for their families, youth and adolescent orphans, the individuals disabled due to natural disasters and, financially sponsoring a number of orphans from the Bam earthquake.
  • Establishing affiliated centers modeled on SPASDI in Shiraz, Karaj, Kerman, Arak, Qom, Tabriz.
  • Healing and consulting to women with HIV/AIDS in order to reduce their stress and anxiety and to enhance their skills.