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Clients of the EHYA NGO are family headed women with HIV / AIDS and orphaned children.

This group of women are victims of social harm and everytime and everywhere after being diagnosed of the disease they confront with stigma and discrimination, Most of all, they need support and help to face the inequality in society.


Since 2007 as one of the key social service organizations, the EHYA NGO has formed a group. This group has valuable goals, including support and assistance to women with AIDS, prevention, empowerment, crisis intervention, education, and information.


On phone consultancy

۱۰۰% free telephone counseling by hotline experts in each of the areas of AIDS, divorce, marriage, individual and group skills, family problems, suicide and home escape


VCT (Voluntary Counselling and Testing)

HIV voluntary counseling and testing has become an integral part of HIV care and prevention programs in many countries. One of the goals of this program is to encourage young people to have safe behaviors.

By launching a completely free and voluntary HIV counseling and testing center, the EHYA NGO seeks to identify HIV positive people as quick as possible.


Mobile clinic

Today, the global crisis of HIV infection threatens our country like other countries in the world

With a young population and a wide range of high-risk sexual relationships, Iran is in urge need of awareness and information among the youth.

To accomplish the above goals, we have equipped a caravan car, called Clinic Mobile

Equipped with information and AIDS counseling and testing facilities

The mobile clinic offers residential HIV prevention and AIDS training, located in vulnerable areas of the city, especially in poorer towns.


AIDS workshop

Due to the expansion of social harm and the entry into the fourth phase of HIV / AIDS transmission (through sex), the NGO decided to assist with specialist forces, including physicians, psychologists, assistants, and… through AIDS awareness workshops Completely free, it is a step towards preventing and controlling this infection.


Ashiyane Mehr Gallery

The gallery was established in 2009 for humanitarian purposes taking advantage of the capacity, prestige and popularity of the artist in many areas such as paintings, sculptures, photography, etc, that are in the hearts and minds of the people. This gallery seeks to support as many children as it can.